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How illegal mining is sabotaging economy

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How illegal mining is sabotaging economy

The Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Olamilekan Adegbite, blew the whistle on some “powerful and influential” Nigerians recently during a briefing in Abuja. What was the story?

According to Adegbite, these economic saboteurs – that’s what they are – have been putting pressure on the Federal Government to free Chinese nationals arrested for illegal mining in the country.

In other words, these men of means and privileged access to power are trying to give the minister a hard time simply because he’s doing his job. Hmmn, Nigeria we hail thee!

It turned out that the Osun State government arrested 27 persons for the illegal mining of gold, and 17 of them were Chinese nationals. And you can bet, the pressure to release the culprits will continue to mount by every means possible.




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