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Re-Ignite Public Affairs Governance Index

Re-Ignite / Re-Ignite Public Affairs Governance Index

RPA Governance Index is a branded service of Reignite Public Affairs. It is aimed at promoting good governance in Nigeria through the engagement of constructive research & data. Surveys are conducted by Connect Intelligence, the research arm of CMC Connect (Perception Managers) Limited.

It is a periodic survey of Nigerians’ public opinion on important matters of politics, good governance, economic performance, public policy, and public issues.


RPA Governance Index Key Objectives


  1. To create a continuous feedback mechanism for those in government
  2. To establish benchmarks for governance in various ramifications.
  3. To highlight issues of key interest in the polity and generate data to support discourse
  4. To improve interaction and understanding between the government, its people and vice versa
  5. To promote Civic Advocacy and improved citizens’ engagement
  6. To serve as a catalyst for better governance.
  7. Use the result as agenda for national public discourse